Business & White-Collar Crime

Prepared for the paradigm shift

The focus of our law firm remains with cases that fall into the category of commercial of civil law, which includes among many other questions: tort law, liability and damage claims etc. In these areas the question of criminal relevance of certain actions often arises, thus activating a set of rules governed by completely different laws and principles than those of commercial or civil (tort) law.It is our firm opinion that a successful litigant must understand both of these sets of rules and principles, in order to successfully safeguard their business and financial interests. It is of paramount importance therefore, that the client is able (depending on the position) either to successfully prosecute or otherwise ensure proper prosecution or successfully defend themselves from such prosecution and deal with consequent negative effects a criminal procedure or criminal conviction may have on the reputation of a business.

Our firm provides experienced counsel in such matters concerning both sides.

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