From prevention to international reputation

Competition law answers a specific set of questions that are highly relevant in today’s market in particular within the framework of legal order of EU and Slovenia and consequently affect business deals made within those markets and legal orders.It is therefore essential to have in mind a proper review of certain areas of competition law such as potentially problematic horizontal agreements or vertical agreements that may be deemed prohibited due to their object or effect, actions that may amount to abuse of a dominant position or market practices that may be considered unfair competition by competent authorities. All of these infringements on the competition may lead to extremely high penalties and irreparable damage to the reputation of a company or brand (the latter even in cases where no infringement is actually found).

By using knowledge in that area, our law firm prioritizes prevention in these matters by giving invaluable input regarding potential issues a certain practice or action may have when it comes to rules of competition, always having in mind that even the slightest mention of a company in negative light may cause irreparable damage to the international reputation of a company or a brand.

Where an issue already arises, we prioritize resolving the issue in the quickest and most confidential manner possible, while always staying equipped and prepared for any and all administrative or court proceedings to successfully safeguard the interest of the client.

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