Update, identify, adapt

Regulations governing business constantly grow both in number and in seriousness of consequences for breaches of their provisions. Be it EU’s TFEU, and GDPR or Slovenia’s competition (anti-trust) requirements (ZPOmK) and consumer protection legislation (ZVPot), it is increasingly difficult for businesses to keep track of the acronyms, let alone the complex rules and unforgiving penalties they bring along with them. The playing field gets vastly more complicated in highly regulated sectors, such as energy, pharmaceutics or banking and financial services. This however in no way means that compliance risks should be ignored or taken for granted as inevitable.In this highly regulated maze of rules and principles both within Slovenia and the EU, it is imperative that compliance risks are properly mitigated. Our team achieves this by a three-step process:

  1. staying at all time up to date with all existing and emerging regulations and proactively influencing the content and scope of those regulations,
  2. immediately identifying the specific compliance risks within the client’s business and
  3. rapidly proposing the best solution and course of action for adapting the business, achieving both minimal disruption for the client and total conformity with regulations.

In this way we eliminate unnecessary and potentially costly compliance risks, allowing for seamless transitions and adaptions into compliance, all the while ensuring successful, safe and penalty-free business operations.

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