Employment and Management

Practical and productive through creativity

A well-functioning work environment is one of the main goals of a great employer. This can be achieved only through a well thought out hierarchical structure, compliant to all complex labor law requirements, while retaining two major attributes: practicality and productivity. The name of the game is therefore efficient delegation of duties with a maximum capacity for change and adjustment to the market, while eliminating waste both in time and in resources.Throughout our experience, we have acquired the necessary know-how in the matter both from the perspective of the employer and the employee. Taking into account both sides is imperative in our work when drafting employment contracts, management contracts, ensuring compliance with legislation, collective agreements and many specific rules applicable to specific sectors of business. We take particular care and attention with respect to directors, managers and other high-ranking employees, by using our experience in drafting and implementing specific instruments, such as Employee Stock Ownership Programs, reward systems and bonuses etc. including the defining of KPI-s (key performance indicators) and their implementation and further development of the client.

The ultimate business model regarding productivity depends on the specifics of each client which we take into account when implementing creative and tailor-made solutions within the framework set by legislation.

Our goal in this respect is to ensure safe and litigation free hiring and termination of employment, thus relieving the client of risks arising from preventable workplace disputes and unnecessary time-wasting, consequently enabling the client to focus on the business itself.

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