Insolvency and Restructuring

Every step counts

While the ultimate objective is to avoid insolvency and financial troubles altogether, we are mindful of the unforgiveness of the modern global market, even in the best of cases, where competent management meets productive employees and highly sought-after goods or services.It is inevitable that a modern business shall encounter financial issues or insolvency, if not as a debtor, then certainly as a creditor.

Our team has extensively dealt with legal and financial aspects of both sides, by representing both creditors seeking repayment from endangered and overindebted companies and individuals, as well as debtors in need of assistance with preventing insolvency and winding up. This experience includes representation in negotiations, (preventive) financial restructuring agreements, compulsory settlement proceedings, simplified compulsory settlement proceedings, as well as winding up proceedings, all the while aiming at well thought-out and sustainable solutions.

It is our firm belief, that in these cases it is crucial to carefully and skillfully evaluate each step in a timely manner, since mishaps or undue delays in these cases may ultimately result in creditors not being repaid or debtors being forced to dissolve their business and stop operations. The right law firm therefore has to have the know-how and resources to give such clients their best shot at financial recuperation and set them on the track for future success, free of such troubles.

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