Coordination and safety

Today’s global market allows cross-border investments at an unprecedented scale. The actual proper and safe execution of these investments is however not without its challenges.Members of our team are equipped to efficiently deal with those challenges through the use of established, longstanding business contacts as well as vast experience in the matter (both international to Slovenia and Slovenian abroad). In these matters we are prioritizing safety and confidentiality with respect to our clients and their investments, while organizing and coordinating all necessary aspects of each transaction, from corporate questions and dealing with regulatory sector requirements to potential investor personal immigration (visas, residence and work permits etc.) when applicable.

We give specific attention to real estate transactions. Successful and timely real estate transactions may even in most common cases present several challenges, including state and municipality permits, land registry arrangements, questions of real estate transaction taxes etc. Add to that a high number of different types of properties, multiple sellers or purchasers and potential foreign citizens aiming to get ownership and excellent legal representation quickly becomes essential.

We consequently offer a vast array of real estate related services including the purchase and sales of real estate, lending and renting of real estate, both personal and business, as well as representation in all corresponding procedures.

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