M&A, Corporate and Commercial Law

A 'one-stop' rule for corporate clients.

Our team possesses vast knowledge and experience in providing services to both domestic and multinational companies from a significant array of sectors and industries, including: accommodation, advertising, AI, banking, construction, energy, financial services, food and drink production, food services, genetics, IT and other technology, media, mining, retail, tourism, transportation and travel etc., many of whose establishment has been organized and/or overseen by our firm.

The wide specter of services provided to our Slovenian and international corporate clients is defined by our know-how in M&A transactions, corporate law, business law and shareholder dispute resolution.

We give particular attention to young companies and emerging companies by carefully considering all the specific challenges of establishing a brand-new business or startup, the final result being a successful corporate structure that mirrors the potential and excellence in innovation and skills of its founders.

Regardless of the company’s size and sector of business, once it is operational, we take meticulous care in drafting essential contracts, terms and conditions (both B2B and B2C), and other essential documents, as well as providing other necessary services, such as trademark and patent registrations, internal organization, employment and labor law solutions etc., all the while carefully considering questions relative to specific clients and their intellectual and industrial property.

It is our strongest belief that quality services quite simply must include establishing the client to full operations and everything in between.

Employment and Management

Practical and productive through creativity.

A well-functioning work environment is one of the main goals of a great employer. This can be achieved only through a well thought out hierarchical structure, compliant to all complex labor law requirements, while retaining two major attributes: practicality and productivity. The name of the game is therefore efficient delegation of duties with a maximum capacity for change and adjustment to the market, while eliminating waste both in time and in resources.

Throughout our experience, we have acquired the necessary know-how in the matter both from the perspective of the employer and the employee. Taking into account both sides is imperative in our work when drafting employment contracts, management contracts, ensuring compliance with legislation, collective agreements and many specific rules applicable to specific sectors of business. We take particular care and attention with respect to directors, managers and other high-ranking employees, by using our experience in drafting and implementing specific instruments, such as Employee Stock Ownership Programs, reward systems and bonuses etc. including the defining of KPI-s (key performance indicators) and their implementation and further development of the client.

The ultimate business model regarding productivity depends on the specifics of each client which we take into account when implementing creative and tailor-made solutions within the framework set by legislation.

Our goal in this respect is to ensure safe and litigation free hiring and termination of employment, thus relieving the client of risks arising from preventable workplace disputes and unnecessary time-wasting, consequently enabling the client to focus on the business itself.


Update, identify, adapt.

Regulations governing business constantly grow both in number and in seriousness of consequences for breaches of their provisions. Be it EU’s TFEU, and GDPR or Slovenia’s competition (anti-trust) requirements (ZPOmK) and consumer protection legislation (ZVPot), it is increasingly difficult for businesses to keep track of the acronyms, let alone the complex rules and unforgiving penalties they bring along with them. The playing field gets vastly more complicated in highly regulated sectors, such as energy, pharmaceutics or banking and financial services. This however in no way means that compliance risks should be ignored or taken for granted as inevitable.

In this highly regulated maze of rules and principles both within Slovenia and the EU, it is imperative that compliance risks are properly mitigated. Our team achieves this by a three-step process:

  1. staying at all time up to date with all existing and emerging regulations and proactively influencing the content and scope of those regulations,
  2. immediately identifying the specific compliance risks within the client’s business and
  3. rapidly proposing the best solution and course of action for adapting the business, achieving both minimal disruption for the client and total conformity with regulations.

In this way we eliminate unnecessary and potentially costly compliance risks, allowing for seamless transitions and adaptions into compliance, all the while ensuring successful, safe and penalty-free business operations.

Insolvency and Restructuring

Every step counts.

While the ultimate objective is to avoid insolvency and financial troubles altogether, we are mindful of the unforgiveness of the modern global market, even in the best of cases, where competent management meets productive employees and highly sought-after goods or services.

It is inevitable that a modern business shall encounter financial issues or insolvency, if not as a debtor, then certainly as a creditor.

Our team has extensively dealt with legal and financial aspects of both sides, by representing both creditors seeking repayment from endangered and overindebted companies and individuals, as well as debtors in need of assistance with preventing insolvency and winding up. This experience includes representation in negotiations, (preventive) financial restructuring agreements, compulsory settlement proceedings, simplified compulsory settlement proceedings, as well as winding up proceedings, all the while aiming at well thought-out and sustainable solutions.

It is our firm belief, that in these cases it is crucial to carefully and skillfully evaluate each step in a timely manner, since mishaps or undue delays in these cases may ultimately result in creditors not being repaid or debtors being forced to dissolve their business and stop operations. The right law firm therefore has to have the know-how and resources to give such clients their best shot at financial recuperation and set them on the track for future success, free of such troubles.


From prevention to international reputation.

Competition law answers a specific set of questions that are highly relevant in today’s market in particular within the framework of legal order of EU and Slovenia and consequently affect business deals made within those markets and legal orders.

It is therefore essential to have in mind a proper review of certain areas of competition law such as potentially problematic horizontal agreements or vertical agreements that may be deemed prohibited due to their object or effect, actions that may amount to abuse of a dominant position or market practices that may be considered unfair competition by competent authorities. All of these infringements on the competition may lead to extremely high penalties and irreparable damage to the reputation of a company or brand (the latter even in cases where no infringement is actually found).

By using knowledge in that area, our law firm prioritizes prevention in these matters by giving invaluable input regarding potential issues a certain practice or action may have when it comes to rules of competition, always having in mind that even the slightest mention of a company in negative light may cause irreparable damage to the international reputation of a company or a brand.

Where an issue already arises, we prioritize resolving the issue in the quickest and most confidential manner possible, while always staying equipped and prepared for any and all administrative or court proceedings to successfully safeguard the interest of the client.

Litigation and Commercial Arbitration

Always on point.

Having established our proficiency in matters of Slovenian court litigation and international commercial arbitration, we prioritize avoiding litigation altogether – unless it is absolutely necessary. We therefore strive to represent our clients in resolving disputes through negotiation and settlement, which in most cases (considering the invested time and resources) results in the optimal outcome for the client.

Peaceful dispute resolution is however not always possible or favorable. In those cases, our firm provides the highest quality legal counseling, staying focused on the essential points of each dispute, thus expediting otherwise lengthy trials and administrative procedures. This is achieved through the use of strategic planning and invaluable experience in all Slovenian courts and administrative bodies, as well as experience in international arbitration.

Members of our team have successfully represented clients in all areas of civil and commercial law, such as: construction disputes, sales contract disputes, consumer protection cases, commercial contract disputes, tort and damage claims, investment disputes, management liability cases etc.

Business & White-Collar Crime

Prepared for the paradigm shift.

The focus of our law firm remains with cases that fall into the category of commercial of civil law, which includes among many other questions: tort law, liability and damage claims etc. In these areas the question of criminal relevance of certain actions often arises, thus activating a set of rules governed by completely different laws and principles than those of commercial or civil (tort) law.

It is our firm opinion that a successful litigant must understand both of these sets of rules and principles, in order to successfully safeguard their business and financial interests. It is of paramount importance therefore, that the client is able (depending on the position) either to successfully prosecute or otherwise ensure proper prosecution or successfully defend themselves from such prosecution and deal with consequent negative effects a criminal procedure or criminal conviction may have on the reputation of a business.

Our firm provides experienced counsel in such matters concerning both sides.


Coordination and safety.

Today’s global market allows cross-border investments at an unprecedented scale. The actual proper and safe execution of these investments is however not without its challenges.

Members of our team are equipped to efficiently deal with those challenges through the use of established, longstanding business contacts as well as vast experience in the matter (both international to Slovenia and Slovenian abroad). In these matters we are prioritizing safety and confidentiality with respect to our clients and their investments, while organizing and coordinating all necessary aspects of each transaction, from corporate questions and dealing with regulatory sector requirements to potential investor personal immigration (visas, residence and work permits etc.) when applicable.

We give specific attention to real estate transactions. Successful and timely real estate transactions may even in most common cases present several challenges, including state and municipality permits, land registry arrangements, questions of real estate transaction taxes etc. Add to that a high number of different types of properties, multiple sellers or purchasers and potential foreign citizens aiming to get ownership and excellent legal representation quickly becomes essential.

We consequently offer a vast array of real estate related services including the purchase and sales of real estate, lending and renting of real estate, both personal and business, as well as representation in all corresponding procedures.


From temporary residence permit to naturalisation. From opening a mailbox to actually following one's investment.

Our focus being legal services for Slovenian and international businesses, we cannot exclude particular personal services related to those business clients. When setting up a business in Slovenia or purchasing an existing one, one might want to bring their own personnel into the picture. No matter if this is done in a form of a CEO or in another capacity, immigration issues represent a specific part of otherwise wide resettlement challenges. Especially in international and cross-border investments, we find that there is a particular need for highly productive representation in dealings with administrative units, municipalities, embassies, consulates and other administrative bodies in order to ensure proper immigration of investors, employees and their families, both as foreigners or as future naturalised Slovenian citizens.

A top immigration lawyer in Slovenia needs to be able to provide the best legal expertise when dealing with questions like: how to immigrate to Slovenia in a manner that is in accordance with Slovenian immigration law and international protocols; how to get a residence permit; what are the conditions for Slovenian citizenship by naturalisation; where to apply and what documents are needed for any of the above mentioned immigration statuses. After obtaining an immigration status, clients are faced with various initial challenges of life in a new country, such as registering a temporary address or registering a permanent address in Ljubljana or another part of Slovenia, renting an apartment, buying a house or other real estate, registering a vehicle, obtaining or converting an international drivers licence etc. A top immigration law firm in Slovenia can provide help to a foreign citizen with any of these expert issues just by giving an initial consultation, by representing that client in immigration procedures in Slovenia or anything in-between.

As immigration lawyers in Ljubljana, offering consultations in English, having a business address in the capital of Slovenia, in close proximity to all administrative bodies dealing with immigration cases we are best placed to aid in any immigration case or project for our clients.

We have vast experience both in assuring visas for Slovene citizens abroad, as well as residence and employment permits (and in some cases Slovenian citizenships) to foreign citizens in Slovenia. We have during this time acquired essential contacts in those administrative bodies, with whom we successfully collaborate today.

Our help in this area includes various services, from registering an address, opening and maintaining a mailbox for the client to complex investor visa proceedings and eventual citizenship applications.

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